Wandering and Sleeplessness

Wandering and Sleeplessness (Caminatas e insomnios) is a one-man play created by Lucho Ramírez, one of the founders of eminent Peruvian theatre group Cuatro Tablas, and a survivor of the Yungay landslide. Using innovative theatrical techniques, without relying on script or dialogue, the play sought to explore the extremities of human capacities faced with a major environmental crisis. The piece was originally staged at the Institute of Contemporary Arts a part of the inaugural London International Festival of Theatre in 1981, as part of a tour that visited cities in Europe, and Central and South America.

To commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of the landslide, we have reproduced the play for contemporary audiences, together with the PUCP and CERESIS. The recording will soon be available online. In the meantime, you can watch a teaser for the play here.

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